Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Beef Stew with Chocolate

Who can go wrong with a recipe that includes chocolate and red wine? I found this recipe by Sandra Lee on the This was a yummy beef stew recipe...great flavor! We served it with biscuits. Perfect for a cool Fall day :)

*2 lbs. beef stew meat, cut into bite-size pieces
*1 tsp salt (we used sea salt), plus more for seasoning
*1 tsp ground black pepper, plus more for seasoning
*1 T. all-purpose flour
*2 T. canola oil
*1 cup frozen sliced carrots (we used fresh)
*1 8-oz pkg sliced brown mushrooms (we omitted)
*3 cups diced red potatoes
*1 (14.5-oz) can diced tomatoes
*2 T. finely grated bittersweet chocolate
*1 tsp crushed garlic
*1 pkt meatloaf seasoning (we used McCormick)
*1 (14oz) can low-sodium beef broth
*1 cup red wine, preferably Merlot
*1 leek, white part only, sliced and drained


1. In a large bowl combine beef stew meat, salt, pepper and flour. Toss until beef is well coated.

2. Heat the canola in a large saute pan over high heat. Add seasoned beef and sear on all sides until brown and caramelized. Remove to a plate and set aside.

3. Combine seared beef, carrots, mushrooms, potatoes and tomatoes in a 4-quart slow cooker.

4. In a medium bowl, stir together grated chocolate, garlic, meatloaf packet, beef broth, and red wine. Pour into slow cooker and sprinkle the leeks over the top. Cover and cook on HIGH setting for 4 to 6 hours.

5. Adjust seasoning with salt and pepper. Enjoy!